Commercial Pilot Licence

Your Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) is the minimum requirement for you to obtain employment of any kind as a pilot. The basic CPL allows you to fly basic charter, for example, in a light single-engined aircraft in day visual flight conditions.

From here you can advance to your Flight Instructor Rating to gain hours and gather additional endorsements and ratings.

Your Commercial Pilot Licence with a Multi-Engine Endorsement and Command Instrument Rating, however, is the minimum required for you to begin to seek employment with an airline, or with serious multi-engine charter operators, including as a jet charter pilot. To achieve your CPL you will also need to successfully attempt seven CPL Theory subjects. You can begin this study any time after you have obtained your PPL.

To become an airline pilot and to be competitive in the jet charter market you will also need to obtain your ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence) theory. The ATPL is also a competitive advantage for other career options. Although most students complete their CPL before studying for their ATPL, you could begin your ATPL study as soon as you have passed the CPL exams. You can either study on your own or attend theory classes. We don’t offer ATPL theory at PFS but we can suggest options to you and our Instructors who have the ATPL can help out with some coaching and advice. 


150-hour CPL Package

If you’re looking for a comprehensive flight training package and good value for money, this is the package for you.

Our Commercial Pilot Licence flight package has everything you need to go from ab initio to a commercial licence. Included in the package are 150 hours of flight time, complete theory and textbooks, all documents, maps and charts, all CASA examinations, navigation equipment, uniform, briefcase and headset. Absolutely everything is included to enable you to achieve  the competencies for a CASA CPL flight test.

Of course, the hard work is up to you, but this package gives you everything you need to make a flying start to your new career. All flying on the 150 hour CPL package is GST-exempt, and the course is open to all nationalities. The complete nine month full time package from ab initio to CPL is AUD$48,500.

You should note that if you require more than 150 hours to successfully obtain your CPL you will be charged for the additional hours at standard rates. 

The Full-Time training course is GST free.

Qualification: CPL(A)

      • Duration: 9-12 months (depending on, for example, weather)
      • Aircraft: Warrior / Archer / Cessna 182
      • Dual hours: 80 minimum
      • Solo Hours: 70 minimum
      • Theory Req:  BAK / PPL / 7 x CPL Subjects
      • Commitment: full / part time
      • Cost: Depends upon aptitude, attitude and application but an indicative cost for local full-time students would be in the range 0f $50-60,000.
        (Prices are subject to change without notice.)
      • Payment Terms: Pay as you fly
You can do your training on a casual basis if you prefer. This is not encouraged because it will almost certainly take you longer and cost you significantly more. The casual training requirement is for 200 hours and GST applies.


Nationally Accredited Training

Pacific Flight is registered to provide the AVI40108 Certificate IV in Aviation (Commercial Pilot Aeroplane Licence).

If you are interested in the Certificate IV in Aviation click here.