Night Visual Flight Rules Rating

The Night VFR Rating is an excellent way to enhance your flying skills.

If the PPL is enough for you, the NVFR can make your PPL even more enjoyable and often very useful.

Your PPL is a great achievement and allows you to go almost anywhere in Australia, have fun, or attend to business.

You’ve become one of the elite few. For many people that’s enough.

But maybe you want to keep sharpening and extending your skills. This is one of the best ways to do that.

A basic PPL means flying in daylight hours. Sometimes that can mean you can’t make it home before last light. So your NVFR adds real value.

Imagine flying with friends over Sydney Harbour at night. That’s just an unbeatably awesome experience.


Private Pilot Licence (minimum)



Flight Hours:

10 (minimum) including simulator

Night Visual Flight Rules Rating

Flight Instructor Rating

Multi Engine Command