Learn to Fly

Pacific Flight Services Pty Ltd is a CASA Part 61 Approved Training Provider who can deliver both Part 141 and Part 142 training to aspiring Pilots.

Some of our students come to us looking to gain 10-12 hours of logged flight experience so they are able to apply for a cadetship, while others seek to continue their training and gain a Private Pilot Licence and fly their families around the countryside. Many, however, are looking to go further and attain a Commercial Pilot Licence so they can work for an airline or a charter company.

Pilots who hold a Commercial Pilot Licence can undergo further advanced training with Pacific Flight Services Pty Ltd. Specifically, we are able to train pilots to attain their Multi-Engine Aeroplane Class Rating, Instrument Rating and Flight Instructor Rating.

Careful consideration of the options available will help you decide how far you will take your training, on your terms.

For those seeking to complete a Commercial Pilot Licence, a 150 Hour Integrated Commercial Pilot Licence (A) syllabus is offered. This course is an intensive full-time course which is less flexible. It is a Vocational Education Training course, which provides significant benefits. Contact us for more information.

Recreational Pilot Licence

Private Pilot Licence