Recreational Pilot Licence

General Information

You can fly a Single Engine fixed wing aircraft, under 1500kg as Pilot in Command, and carry passengers, in the Bankstown Aerodrome Training Area

  • Apply and obtain an Aviation Reference Number (ARN) through the CASA portal:
  • A Class 1 or Class 2 Aviation Medical
  • An Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC)

To meet the minimum requirements, it can take as little as 6 weeks full-time (part-time available) to complete your training and complete the exams and flight tests, however, you can fly at your on pace and pay-as-you-go.

The minimum requirements prescribed by CASA are:

25 hours of Pre-Flight Brief

  •  25 hours dual
  •  5 hours Solo
  •  3 In-house Exams
  •  1 RPL (A) Cyber Exam (CASA)
  •  1 Flight Test

The estimated cost of the course:

$AUD 14,950.00

* Estimated cost of the course is subject to student performance and may vary as a result. 

Pacific Flight Services Pty Ltd is a CASA Part 61 Approved Training Provider who can deliver both Part 141 and Part 142 training to aspiring Pilots.

Our Students come to us looking to gain 10-12 hours of logged flight experience so they are able to apply for a cadetship, while others seek to continue their training and gain a Private Pilots licence and fly their families around the countryside. Many, however, are looking to go further and become a Commercial Pilot so they can work as at an airline or for a charter company.


Careful consideration of the options available will help you decide how far you will take your training, on your terms.

The 150 Hour Integrated Commercial Pilot Licence (A) syllabus, is less flexible than the other options. The course is intensive and runs to a full-time timetable. As it is considered a Vocational Education Training course, it has other benefits. Contact us for more information.