Flying is serious fun and we've got two ways you can prove it to yourself

Flying is serious fun and we’ve got two ways you can prove it yourself:

  • Your Trial Instructional Flight (the “TIF”) Is both heaps of fun and a serious one-hour training experience.
  • The Aerial Photography Flight is a fun way to get seriously amazing photographs to share with your friends, clients, or prospects.

Trial Instructional Flight

The TIF is the first lesson for most new students. 
You can also gift it to someone special who’s always wanted to fly. 
It’s a lesson on the “Effects of Controls” and so you get to safely handle the controls and actually fly the aeroplane, under instruction. The lesson includes:
  • A pre-flight brief
  • Pre-flight check of the aircraft  
  • A full hour’s aviation experience from engine on to engine off
  • In the training area you will fly the aircraft (under instruction of course).
  • You might assist in the take-off and landing.
  • A de-brief after the flight when you can ask any questions you might have

This flight will be the first entry in your new logbook

$300 (incl. GST)

Aerial Photography Flight

Your Aerial Photography Flight is amazing! Most people (and up to two of their friends) who choose the Aerial Photography Flight take the most dramatic route:
  • flying across to Sydney’s northern beaches,
  • down the coast over the water at 1500 feet,
  • turn right into to Sydney Harbour (if Sydney Air Traffic Control gives clearance),
  •  circle over the harbour near the CBD
  • and maybe leave over the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Bring your cameras along and enjoy this amazing experience with your loved ones. Its always better to see Sydney from the skies.

$460 (incl. GST)

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